Microsoft Flight Simulator Wroclaw, Kaduna, and St. Crepin Airports Released; Kiritz announced


Along with the announcement of yet another airport coming for Microsoft Flight Simulator, third-party devs had interesting releases to share.

Along with the announcement of yet another airport coming for Microsoft Flight Simulator, third-party developers had some interesting releases to share today.

We start with Fly 2 High, which released Copernicus Airport Wroclaw (EPWR) After a few days of flirting in Poland.

you can buy it simmarket is For $10.94 plus applicable VAT.

  • Wroclaw airport is all set
  • Enhanced 3D City Lighting
  • PBR content (2K and 4K) on airport buildings and on the ground
  • internal terminal modeling
  • custom animated vehicle traffic
  • Apron clutter and customized airport details
  • animated man

Next, we moved to Africa with Make Africa Great Again, which released Kaduna International Airport (DNKA) in Nigeria.

It is available simmarket is For $8.95 plus applicable VAT.

  • Accurately modeled terminal and all surrounding buildings
  • 4K PBR textures are used for the highest fidelity
  • custom night lighting
  • Custom parking positions to match real life
  • animated people
  • custom orthophoto
  • Real World Based Terraforming Profiles
  • Precisely placed stationary aircraft for GA ramp
  • GSX Profile Included

FSX3D launched the Mont-Dauphin РSaint-Cr̩pin Aerodrome (LFNC) in France.

you can buy it simmarket is $11.94 plus applicable VAT.

  • True airspace for reality
  • Highly Detailed PBR 3D Building Models
  • Photorealistic terrain reconstructed across the region
  • custom ground-poly
  • Vehicles on all building models as well as screenshots are not native MSFS library objects

Last, but not least, Aerosoft and its partner developer Aviation Sim Design announced Kiritz Airport (EDBK) in Germany.

While this is a small airfield used for general aviation and gliders, the quality displayed in the screenshots appears to be quite high, as you can see below.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator already available For Windows 10 and SteamAnd Xbox Series X|S,

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