NBA movie tweets: From LeBron James to Damien Lillard

NBA Twitter can be a cold, dark place.

Like players being threatened with death Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook and his family, often curses misogynist WNBA, And LeBron James and other stars have daily garbage Leave Bayless With Professional Hate,

Then a few days ago, there was Philadelphia 76ers Coach Doctor River and his place…umm…X-rated Situation Which ruined our timeline. Come on, doctor!

It is in this world of sin, that I present to you a ray of light: nba movie tweets,

Earlier this month, the Twitter account has already garnered 22 thousand followers, pouring in likes and retweets with an amusing, yet surprisingly simple concept: offering a list of tweets from NBA players about movies. Digging through the Twitter archives for . Reposted tweets include player commentary about the movies, including positive reviews, catchphrases, and celebrity crushes. Sometimes, one even has a deeper thought about cinema (looking at you, three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford).

you can recognize Los Angeles Clippers Super fan and Hollywood icon Billy Crystal in the account’s profile picture. He is wearing an NBA referee’s uniform as part of his role in the 1990s rom-com “Forget Paris”.

Like Crystal, the account is a fun, often comical addition to the Twitterverse. This is one of the few times that social media posts from celebrities have created something positive and harmless. For a movie buff and NBA nerd like me, this is a wonderful Venn diagram of the convergence of my two passions. The content should be of some interest to Blazers fans as well. Along with Crawford, the account includes tweets from several past and present Blazers (13, by my count), including some of Rip City’s greats like Evan Turner, Robin Lopez, Zach Collins And Hassan Whiteside,

The group is titled by current franchise star Lillard, who responded in 2014. BUU Legend Zimmer Fredett’s open invitation to rank Adam Sandler’s movies.

While I wouldn’t argue with the top spot and I love the shout-out to “Billy Madison,” I’m surprised that Lillard gave so much love to “Anger Management.” I’ll probably replace it on my list with “The Wedding Singer” or, if we want to refine it a bit more, “Punch-Drunk Love” from Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2002 film.

In a heavy nostalgia post from December 20, 2009, former Blazers Seth Curry and Golden State Warriors Star Stephen Curry spotted an “avatar” of James Cameron (presumably in a sibling outing). Seth and Steph (aged 19 and 21 at the time) were on the campaign train like the rest of the country.

Other Rip City highlights include stripping former Blazers forward Al-Farooq Aminu Negative Reviews of Pulp Fiction And the current Blazers “Thor 2.” But Justice takes Winslow forward. He laments the Marvel Cinematic Universe with enough disdain to make Martin Scorsese proud.

Elsewhere in the account, DeJonte Murray, a teenager, has a great obsession with cuddling, former NBA All-Star Shawn Marion has a strange obsession with the 2011 romp “Hall Pass” and Dallas Mavericks Guard Spencer Dinwiddie is on the verge of pleading himself.

As you can see, the content of NBA movie tweets includes a variety of takes – the good, the bad, the ugly… and pointless. If an idea involves movies and an NBA player tweets it, no matter how small, there’s a good chance it will make headlines. The account harks back to a simpler time of social media that didn’t feel so wholesome, when status updates were primarily used for brief updates about one’s day and random thoughts.

Additionally – hopefully without going too deep about this silly account – the NBA movie tweets help remind fans that NBA players are people just like us. They tend to binge the same Netflix shows and even share cringe status during their early teen days (that case is more for the millennial and Gen Z crowd). The account removes some of that secret and buffer. Mainly, it’s fun.

Dinwiddie was looking for film piracy just five years ago. James Harden finds “Bridesmaids” hilarious, And in 2011, Chris Paul really just wanted to find a Nick Cannon movie on DVD.

I didn’t need to know about this information, but I’m glad I do. That, my friends, is the beauty of NBA movie tweets.

go give a follower of them,

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