New Music: CJ Fly – “TOP”

New Music: CJ Fly – “TOP”
New Music: CJ Fly – “TOP”

On this new boom-bap track, the Brooklyn MC is aiming for the Top 10 and calling out the greats.

CJ Fly, a seasoned Brooklyn MC, returns with a new single titled “TOP.” Fly appears to have continued honing his boom-bap sound following this year’s EP, The PhaRaOh’s Return. This track, in particular, is one of the rapper’s most boastful, confident, and self-referential in the rap game. CJ is hungry in this song, focused on getting the right flowers for his talent and displaying it fully.

The song’s instrumental style is mid-tempo boom-bap with dramatic but distant piano passages. The beat, on the other hand, is very crisp, with a lot of rhythmic variation and a clean acoustic sound. Furthermore, the song’s rawness is enhanced by the use of live drums. Still, it doesn’t become so muddled that CJ becomes unintelligible.

The Brooklyn native spits some impressive lines throughout the song, bar for bar. He gets particularly competitive, naming some of the best rap artists. As a result, there’s a lot of talk about his influences, including Biggie, Jay, Nas, and Kendrick. CJ, on the other hand, rapped proudly about how far he’s come since then. Later in the song, he says that he improves with each album and lists the other places he finds inspiration.

Overall, CJ Fly’s new single is a really smooth performance over a really smooth beat that showcases his talent. His delivery is understated but clear, and the song’s straightforward lyrical nature complements the straightforward instrumental. Whatever the Brooklyn MC does next, it will undoubtedly be a step forward.

What did you think of CJ Fly’s cocky new single “TOP”? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out some noteworthy lyrics down below. If you haven’t already, check out the boom-bap excursion on your preferred streaming service. Also, as always, stay tuned to FoldMuzic for the best new rap music every week.
Listen to “TOP” below.


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