New Music: DijahSB – Khadijah

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The upcoming project by the recording artist is a parody of the hit ’90s TV show “Living Single.”

DijahSB is back with an undeniably hot new release from the Toronto rap scene. This past weekend, they released their lighthearted and comedic single “Khadijah.” In the song, our lyricist rhymes about the difficulties of finding the perfect partner in today’s world.

“I’m at the crib like Khadijah / I’m wondering if I’ll ever find somebody out here who’s a keeper / As of recently, I’ve been tryna vibe with someone decent / Tryna figure out if we have the capacity as equals,” are among the first lines heard by listeners.

They then proceed to make clever jokes and mention other artists such as SZA. “In the winter, a light-skinned girl broke my heart / In the summer, a dark-skinned girl broke my heart,” Dijah reflects. Before delivering more fire, the Canadian quips, “She’s a singer / F*ck ’em all like a swinger.”

While the new single is certainly exciting for fans, it’s not the only thing our rising star has in store for them.

DijahSB recently announced the release of their Living Simple EP, which will include six songs.

According to Complex, the rapper previously explained via press release that their name was inspired by Queen Latifah’s character, Khadijah, from the ’90s series Living Single.

“In fact, the Living Simple EP was originally titled ‘Living Single,’ but when they fell in love, Dijah knew a name change was in order,” the press release adds.

Stream “Khadijah” on Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube below, and keep an eye out for DijahSB’s new EP, which will be available on February 10th.


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