New Music: MFnMelo – Flowers To Go

New Music: MFnMelo – Flowers To Go
New Music: MFnMelo – Flowers To Go

Pivot Gang is ending 2022 on a high note.

Pivot Gang’s MFnMelo is kicking off the week with some new music. Following the release of his single “Rumors” earlier this month, the lyricist is back with a more emotional track, “Flowers To Go.”

The song, which was released on Monday (November 21), finds the Chicago-based artist explicitly reflecting on how short life can be. On the chorus, he sings, “Flowers to go / You never know, if there’ll be enough time / I need to know / You need to show.”

MFnMelo shares bars about losing those close to him in his life throughout his verses. Lyrics such as “Tell me why my dawg is my dawg and he’s straying” demonstrate how perplexing it can be when our relationships take unexpected turns.

“If you love me, tell me you love me, but don’t stare at me, man,” he warns before reminding us that he is a true rarity.

Pivot Gang has been on fire with their new additions. They released a collaborative song called “Aang” in October. Weeks later, another group effort titled “911” dropped, piqued fans’ interest in what else they had in store for them in the future.

Frsh Waters, for one, made a name for himself with his single “Pray n’ Repent.” MFnMelo is now keeping things in check.

While Pivot Gang fans are thrilled to have new music to listen to, there is even more to be excited about. The artists will hold their John Walt Day in Metro Chicago this weekend.

The show will be all-ages and will take place on Saturday (November 26). Saba, MFnMelo, Joseph Chilliams, Frsh Waters, and daedaePIVOT will all be in attendance, according to the poster.

Stream “Flowers To Go” on Youtube, Apple Music or Spotify below.


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