No one benefited from the GTA 6 leak

A slew of videos have been pasted on various internet forums this morning to show off in-game development footage for GTA 6, because apparently no one can wait until a video game really ends anywhere. Done, before they feel compelled to spoil it for everyone. and miscellaneous.

The 80-something clips feature everything from seemingly complete, in-game scenarios to apparently unfinished bits of gray boxing, but you won’t find a link to them here, because the truth is they simply aren’t worth watching. . What potential benefits can they provide to someone here, right now? The leaker gets his five minutes of fame and an influx of new followers, of course. But GTA 6 itself isn’t going to look like anything you see in those clips when it actually ends, someone please tell me, what’s the matter?

Rockstar announces they’re officially working on The next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series back in February, adding that work was “going well”. They have also cited the development of the game as the main reason why they have moved away from continuing development. Major Updates for Red Dead Online“Over the years, we have been steadily pushing more development resources toward the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. […] As a result, we are in the process of making some changes to the way we support Red Dead Online.”

Development is clearly going at a steady pace, and by all accounts, these latest leaks seem reasonably legit. But what if they are legit? As mentioned above, most clips don’t even show fully rendered scenes. They’re just chessboard sounds, presumably, with some character models noodling around. (I haven’t seen all the 80-odd clips, but judging from the screenshots showing thumbnails of the leaked footage, they make up the overwhelming majority of them). What can possibly tell us about what GTA 6 is going to be like when Rockstar is ready to actually show it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Listen, I think there’s a thrill in seeing something you shouldn’t – to stick it to man, especially when, in recent years, man not having the best track record Treating your employees very well. but even began to change, employees recently told Bloomberg that Rockstar has largely cleaned up its act as that big Crunch report came out for the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, and that its cultural change has changed the types of characters we have. has affected. She’ll also reportedly get to play in the next GTA — reportedly a Latina woman who’s part of a Bonnie and Clyde-style duo, a series first. This doesn’t mean that Rockstar will automatically get a free pass anymore. But there’s clearly more going on behind the scenes than we might ever be aware of from the outside (short of working there really), and sharing these leaks as a means of flipping the bird to upper management is a Seems increasingly weak as an excuse.

Now, of course, the RPS has reported all kinds of Groove first, and will continue to do so when we feel it is doable. Personally, though, I hate them too, and I’ll honestly wait until there’s a proper trailer. Preferably with some actual gameplay in it, rather than a cinematic one, of course, but really, I want a game to appear as original as the developers, and have a chance to get excited about that thing. which is actually matter. Call me a sucker, but I much prefer the wizard-style performance of a grand reveal that simply can’t deliver snippets of gameplay footage devoid of any sort of context.

I always think of the Mario & Rabbids debacle when things like this happen, which I’ll totally admit I thought those leaks first came out, days before its big E3 reveal. . But fool me more, because it was not only the best thing Ubisoft had produced in years, but it was also one of the highlights of that entire year’s E3 show. Context is everything when you’re doing something new – and that’s something Leaks often lacks. These supposedly GTA 6 clips are definitely meaningless without any reference boxes, so please, don’t fret. Why waste a surprise for yourself?

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