Nota Baloyi told Berita, “I will never make amends with her.”

Nota Baloyi told Berita,
Nota Baloyi told Berita, “I will never make amends with her.”

Rumors that Nota Baloyi and his estranged wife, Berita, have patched things up have been refuted.

The two made headlines a few months ago when they announced their separation.

They have dragged each other on various times as a result of Nota’s public outbursts and attacks on women.

However, a Twitter user posted a video of the two of them laughing and having fun in the car, giving the impression that they have patched things up.

There were a variety of replies, some of which wished them well and others who criticized Berita for taking him back.

Given that Berita is allegedly demon-possessed, Nota has denied making amends with her.

“No, the Illuminati captured her and still holds her; I will never make amends with her while she is still under the control of a monster… Since we don’t consume alcohol, she may kill me while I sleep and accuse the devil of doing it. I want to avoid being like Flabba. When we make up and kiss, you’ll hear about it first!

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