Nunez: I Was Told Premier League Will Be Tough For Me

Nunez: I Was Told Premier League Will Be Tough For Me
Nunez: I Was Told Premier League Will Be Tough For Me

Liverpool striker, Darwin Nunez has revealed that he was told to prepare for the tough life of the Premier League by Luis Suarez.

Recall that Nunez’s first home game for the Reds ended in disaster after the Uruguayan was red-carded for a headbutt on Crystal Palace’s Joachim Andersen and was banned for three whole games.

However, in an interview with ESPN, Nunez said the former Barcelona ace had contacted him and offered words of advice following a difficult start to his Liverpool career.

“Luis told me that these things in the Premier are going to happen in all the games, that they are going to come looking for me, that they are going to hit me, and that I must become strong and I must not repeat the shit he sent me.

“‘Listen to an asshole like me’ he told me. I am very grateful for that message and the love it has for me.”

Style of play

Núñez is a right-footed player, he possesses an athletic frame, excellent acceleration and sprinting speed is the defining facet of his athletic skillset, with his explosive change of pace being capable of creating immediate separation. He also has good awareness, he scans space and makes decisions when moving relative to the ball, space, team-mates and opponents. Núñez is a disruptive striker with a dynamic range of mobility that can carry counter-attacks, makes incisive movements around the box, and strike the ball explosively. He is adept at attacking open spaces and is good at generating shots from varied situations.

He is also a promising creator around the box and is also capable of playing as a left-winger. Núñez usually opts to rely on intelligent positioning and timing of runs in between defenders, specially in attacking the space between a fullback and centre-back at the backpost, often initially curving his run away from the centre back before moving back infield. He often makes adjustments to his footwork to find space in the box and he also uses his body either to avoid a foul, but forcefully enough to arrive at a cross ahead of his marker.

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