Paden Brown—Son of ‘Sister Wives’ Stars Cody and Christine Brown—Criticizes Cody’s Claims About Being the “Man of the House” – Ashley’s Reality Roundup

“One of these people is royalty and one of these people is a court jester.”

paddon brown Telling about his father’s words, cody brownsaid during a recent episode of sister Wives About being the head of your family.

“Any king who says, ‘I am the king’ is not a true king. Any man in the house who has to say, ‘I am the man of the house!’ There is no true man in the house,” Peden recently said on TikTok.

This is very clearly in reference to what Cody said during the Season 17 premiere episode, as well as during Season 16. Cody said that, the way his wives were acting and not respecting his rules, he doesn’t feel that way anymore. The “man of the house” within his family. He said that he and his wives had agreed that he would be the head of the household when they all married.

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Next, Paddon said of his mother, ChristineJoe was Cody’s third wife until she left him in 2021.

“Me and my siblings say my mom is a strong, independent woman all the time. People say to me, ‘Pedon, your mom is a strong, independent woman’ all the time. My mom claims to be a strong, independent woman. does not claim because Is A strong, independent woman,” Peden said.


It seemed to fans that Paddon was calling his father.

In the comments section of Paddon’s post, one person wrote, “Brewoooooooooooooooooooooooooo we much are, the number of times Cody has to remind everyone that he’s the leader.”

Another person wrote, “Any man in the house who is threatened by the existence of his own children is not a man of the house.”

This isn’t the first time Paden has shadowed Kodi on social media. Earlier this year he said that cody was upset For some of the things he said on his Instagram and Tiktok with him. (One thing that really bothered the codester, apparently, was when Paddon wore a shirt that a fan sent him with Christine’s famous quote, “What do the nanny do,” a reference to the fact that cody’s wife Robin Hires a nanny.)

“Me and Dad’s Rishta – Because of a certain shirt… Because I wore a specific shirt and that video blew up – Dad’s Rishta [with me] Kind of stressful. It was just a joke but it was kind of backlash. And that’s fine.” padan said in March.

Paddon isn’t the only guy in the Brown family who has a problem with Cody. In a sneak peek clip from Sunday’s episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ Cody’s second wife know found out that his son army in the citadel “Done With” informs Cody and Cody that he doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore, because he feels sorry for how Cody has treated Janelle.

“Can you imagine?! Who wouldn’t want to be around this!?”

“He’s saying to his father, ‘I’m done, I’m doing to you, because I don’t like how my mother is being treated and how we are being treated in this house. ,” Janelle says of Garrison.

“Garrison, with his narcissistic attitude, calls me up and goes, ‘It’s your fault and I’m never going to be around you again,'” Cody says.

In the clip, Christine clarifies that the tension between Janelle’s kids and Cody has built up over the years.

“Janelle’s kids have been disappointed by the way they’ve treated Janelle over the years,” Christine says. “Janelle is fine with her relationship with Cody; she has said it is everything she needs… over and over again as she says this. Her kids feel different.”

during Last week’s episode of ‘Sister Wives’ Christine expressed that she felt that Robin was Cody’s favorite wife, and that Robin and her children were treated better by Cody than with the rest of the Brown clan. padone said in the past On social media they think Robin is Cody’s favorite wife.

“Dad found his soul mate. Dad found the woman he belongs to. I wouldn’t blame anyone for choosing who they are with,” Peden said, acknowledging that Cody’s relationship with Robin His relations with his other wives came at the cost.

“I’m sorry she chose [Robyn]but I’m not mad at him for it,” he said. “He chose the woman who is his soul mate. And he chose her. And that’s okay.”

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