Prince Harry and King Charles reunite to mourn the Queen

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After spending a week in amputation Meghan MarkleEvery step – from the way she held her husband’s hand to the crease on her dress – the British press has graduated to a new topic: her husband, Prince Harry, as royal mourning Queen Elizabeth Continuing, rumors are mounting about Harry’s strained relationship with his father. And, if reports are to be believed, King Charles III The youngest of all could be a royal.

According to a new report from daily TelegraphVia Victoria Ward, the royal correspondent of The Daily BeastCharles waited almost two hours to tell Harry that the queen was dead And that may have effectively prevented Harry from seeing his grandmother one last time at Balmoral. Ward reported that Charles had called his two sons to Balmoral on 8 September before the Queen died, but Harry “received that call shortly after Prince William.” She reportedly suggested that Harry was not invited to appear on the private flight of the Royal Family to Scotland, which meant he had to scramble to get his flight to Balmoral. Reportedly, Harry’s flight took off at 5:35 pm – an hour after Prime Minister Liz Truss was informed of the Queen’s death. Charles didn’t tell Harry about his grandmother’s passing until around 6:25 p.m., five minutes before the royal family issued an official announcement. And, above all, Ward claimed that Harry did not even get to see his father or brother when he arrived. too much to send “Love” Harry and Meghan,

Clearly, King Charles’ reign was off to a great start, and it has only gotten messier. At first, Harry was not allowed to wear his military uniform to participate in the service of Queen Elizabeth—only she, a genuine veteran, and Prince Andrew, an alleged rapist, was denied. Then, reports said he and Meghan were invited to attend the Royal Family’s reception of world leaders at Buckingham Palace on Sunday, 18 September. Many saw the invitation as a gesture of goodwill, until Saturday, when it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had indeed declined, with a palace spokesman saying the reception was “only for the Royal Family”. for working members”. And it all happened after King Charles decided that Harry could wear his military uniform to attend a vigil on Saturday night, only to reportedly remove the Queen’s “EIIR” royal cipher from Harry’s jacket. . A source reportedly told Sunday Times of london that Harry was “heartbroken” by the move, while a different source told the Daily Beast, “It was a snag for Harry, as Andrew was allowed to wear them while no longer even ‘in service’ Royal . It’s moving the knife a bit.” The claim has been debunked by eagle-eyed fans who noted on Twitter that Harry was not wearing “EIIR” Royal Cypher on his wedding day, although he has worn it since,

It all sounds extraordinarily petty, but there have also been reports that Charles is trying to reunite Harry and Meghan into the royal family. Ok reported that Charles was “seriously considering” allowing the couple to become part-time royals, but only if Harry drops his upcoming memoir. Although, “Page Six” reported that Charles is actually planning to remove Harry and Andrew as well as Andrew’s eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, from acting as the monarch’s official stand-in. So depending on who you ask, the King is either hoping to convince Harry and Meghan to return to the royal family or is already planning ways to steer them away. Meanwhile, reports suggest that both William and Harry are keeping things cordial, as evidenced by their walk.

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral Held at Westminster Abbey on Monday, 19 September. Soon after, King Charles is expected to make an official decision about the titles to be held by Harry and Meghan’s children, Archie and LillibetWhich, according to reports, can make or break these family ties for good.

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