Release of AKA’s album “Mass Country” is delayed

Release of AKA's album
Release of AKA’s album “Mass Country” is delayed

AKA has confirmed he won’t be releasing his eagerly awaited album, “Mass Country,” this month once more.

Remember that the artist has been teasing the album ever since he just revealed that it has been finished.

However, Lemons (Lemonade) is enjoying tremendous success in South Africa, but AKA has other ideas for upping his game.

Well, it would appear that he will be slightly disappointing his supporters by not releasing it this month once more.

A tweep raised concern about the rapper’s lack of an album tracklist, cover art, or even a promo before AKA disclosed this.

Is anyone else concerned that although @akaworldwide indicated his album would be released this month, there is still no tracklist, cover art, or promotion for it?

Super Mega responded by saying he wouldn’t be releasing this month again.

We won’t be dropping this month, yes.

view the tweet below


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