Remote jobs in Canada for South Africans 2023

Remote jobs are available for South Africans in Canada, but do you wish to acquire this type of job? If yes, then continue reading as I will help with some of the best paying jobs for South Africans 2023. 

South Africans are the number one destination for remote jobs since they are Known to be trustworthy in the working place. Also, there are many professionals who reside in SA, and Canadian companies are ready to hire them because of the already existing trust. Furthering, I will list some of the best paying remote in Canada jobs you can apply for as a South African. 

Remote jobs in Canada for South Africans 2023

Remote call center

Can you work as a remote call center agent? Then a reputable company in Canada is looking for a South African who can join their call center team. This is a fully remote work that does not need your presence in the physical office. 


  • Must be 18 years of age or older than 18
  • Good organizational skills, communication skills and writing skills 
  • Capacity to use the computer to type a minimum of 20 words per minute 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft office suite 
  • A reliable person in attending meetings
  • Must have a minimum of high school diploma or its equivalent 
  • Must know how to speak with customers. 

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Social media manager 

IPhone photography school in Canada is looking for a South African that can join the photography team. Not just as a photographer but to manage the social media platforms in the areas of post creation, writing text and others. 

Other job responsibilities 

  • Managing and growing massive social media platforms and accounts 
  • Knowledge on how to create good posts that will ignite comments and reactions 
  • Understand data that will help you grow the accounts. 
  • Relate and interact with other Instagram photographers. 

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Customer development representatives 

If you believe you are a kind person that makes a good first impression then this position is for you. Jobber is a company that helps small businesses survive. So, they need someone that will interact with customers. 

Requirements and eligibility 

  • Previous customer care experience 
  • Ability to speak with customers in phone for long time 
  • Have personal drive for work and productivity. 

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Power platform developer 

Are you a South African with knowledge of power BI and power apps? Then this position in Canada is available for South Africans who would want to work in the country. 


  • Diploma or post-secondary degree in computer science or another IT field 
  • A minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience working with Microsoft services, SharePoint online power apps, power BI power automate and Microsoft teams. 

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Frequently asked questions 

What are the best Remote jobs in Canada for South Africans 2023? 

There are many remote jobs in Canada for South Africans who wish to work in the country. However, data analyst and artificial intelligence is the best and most paying. 

Can remote jobs in Canada provide a visa? 

Yes, some companies will offer to sponsor your visa to Canada if you are working for them from South Africa. 


There are many well paying Remote jobs in Canada for South Africans 2023. However, they require the applicant to have some skills which may include programming, design, writing, language or other skills. In addition, some of these jobs will offer to sponsor your visa to Canada if you are not in the country already. 

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