Requirements and How to Apply for a working Visa

Work visa requirements and how to apply for a working visa depends on the country you wish to migrate to. If you have a good skill that the country is looking for then you can apply when other criteria has been met. 

A work permit is the official document that gives you the right to work in another country. The qualifying conditions to get this permit depends mostly on the country as different countries require different types of requirements. 

There are popular countries where people apply for their work permit. This is based on the skill the country is lacking and wants to get from another country. 

Requirements to get a work visa 

When applying for a work visa, be ready to meet these requirements as stipulated by the country you wish to migrate to. 

  • Completed Work visa application form. 
  • Your valid International passport with a six-month validity period and with at least two empty pages. 
  • Passport Identity pictures with clear details and no editing. 
  • Proof of financial means that you can fund yourself before getting paid from your employer. 
  • Health insurance for foreign workers which must be recognized in the country you are applying for.
  • Work contract. This must be a valid contract with the whole details of the employer. 
  • Your Resume and proof of work experience. 
  • Letters of recommendation from your previous employers. 
  • Marriage certificate (if applying with your partner).
  • Children’s birth certificates (if applying with children).
  • Other supporting documents like flight tickets, and as required by the visa office.

How to Apply for a working visa

If you have met the requirements to apply for a working visa, follow these steps and learn how to apply. 

#1. Find a job. 

Before going ahead to apply for your work permit, you have to find a job in a country you like. When you secure this job, You must provide evidence of a work contract when you submit your visa application.

2. Make an appointment at the embassy

Find a consulate or representative office that issues work visas for your country. You then have to make an appointment to attend your visa interview.

3. Prepare your documents

You need to have your documents which I listed above prepared. translate the document as required.

4. Submit your application

In some countries, your employer applies for the work permit on your behalf. However, there are instances where you may have to submit your application on your own.

5. Attend the visa interview

If required, Once the date of your appointment comes, you have to go to the embassy and finish your visa interview. Make any payment required by the embassy. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are the Requirements and How to Apply for a working Visa in the US

You need to find a job first, get a certificate from the department of labor (DOL), and complete the DS-160 form. 

Can I get a work visa from Nigeria? 

Yes, if you have the proper skills then you are free to apply for a work visa when you wish. 


Requirements and How to Apply for a working Visa from Nigeria or other country may depend on the country you wish to secure their work visa. The process can change from time to time and the criteria can also change. However, I was able to state some of the requirements you must fulfill. 

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