Scott, Rubio press FEMA to aid Puerto Rico’s recovery

MIAMI — Sen. Rick Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio, Puerto Rico’s representative in Congress with Commissioner Jennifer González-Colán, asked the Biden administration to move quickly to aid Puerto Rico after the devastating damage inflicted by Hurricane Fiona.

In a letter Tuesday to Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Dean Criswell, lawmakers urged him to “make the island’s full recovery from this storm a top priority.”

“At a time when Puerto Rico is still recovering from the widespread destruction caused by Hurricane Maria, which completely devastated the island just five years ago, Hurricane Fiona’s heavy rains have caused devastating flooding, widespread power outages and damage to the island. produced other life-threatening effects of critical infrastructure,” the lawmakers wrote.

Disaster:The power is out. Homes and roads have been flooded. In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona leaves a ‘nightmare’.

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