Seahawks Notes: Injured Jamal Adams gives emotional speech after practice; dB depth to be tested

RENTON – Seahawks safety Jamal Adams will soon undergo surgery to repair a knee injury that involves a damaged quad tendon and then figures out what must be yet another lengthy rehabilitation.

But before he can move on to that challenge—he has a season-ending injury in the second straight year and a significant surgery in the third—Adams was handed over to his teammates by the VMAC on the eve of his trip to San Francisco on Sunday. Stopped to talk.

Adams was taken in a wheelchair to deliver a speech after team practice.

“It was great for everyone to reconnect with him,” coach Pete Carroll said.

Carroll revealed that after Adams was injured in the second quarter on Monday night, he sought to live up to a 17-16 win over Russell Wilson and the Broncos and be able to watch the rest.

“(They) were trying to get him out of the stadium and he was in the box or something,” Carroll said. “Had a chance to see the finish and the way the defense played at the end and it was all going crazy.”

Carroll said that was a lot of what Adams gave the team on Friday.

“He finally settled on us,” Carroll said. “He had a chance to talk to the whole crew and he’s such a kind person and just let it all out. And he told people what he was thinking and how grateful he was for the win.”

Said rookie cornerback Kobe Bryant, whose locker is next to Adams: “It’s big brother, so I was happy to see him more than anything, see there’s positivity in him. Obviously it’s hard to see him that way. Obviously That I wanted to play with him this year, but things happen for a reason and I know he will come back and get better.”

Adams is expected to be ruled out for the rest of the season due to injury and surgery. Carroll, however, wouldn’t commit to just saying “I don’t know” when asked if Adams might make a comeback this year. And he said, “I don’t know its long distance,” when asked about a timeline.

With Adams out, Josh Jones will join Quandre Diggs as Seattle’s opening safari, with Ryan Neal expected to move into the third-safety role that Jones was expected to fill when Adams recuperates.

Seattle’s safety depth, however, became a bit more problematic at the end of the week, when rookie Joy Blount sprained his hamstring in Thursday’s practice. The Seahawks listed him as a suspect for Sunday’s game but Carroll said “it will be tough for them to make it this weekend.”

That means Tej Tabor, signed by the Seahawks on Thursday, could be active as a fourth safety and special teams player for Sunday’s game.

A Lions second-round pick in 2017, Tabor played his first four years in the NFL until switching to safety with the Bears last year when the head coach for the Seahawks defense, Sean Desai, was Chicago’s defensive coordinator. .

Tabor was on Atlanta’s practice squad and said he had a chance to sign with the Falcons’ active roster this week, but decided to sign with Seattle instead, calling it a “leap of faith”, calling Desai Reuniting with the Seahawks and playing for Carroll, who he said he has long admired.

Carroll said: “Sean knew him really well. He knows the system, and it was a big deal. We were looking for someone to help us if someone had to come over and help us right away, So we want someone from the system if we can. Luckily, we were able to swing it.”

coleman suspects

Besides Blount, the only other two players listed in Seattle’s playing condition report are cornerbacks Justin Coleman (calf) and Artie Burns (groin). Burns has suffered a groin injury since the start of training camp and could possibly be out for another week, with Carroll saying it is “going to be tough” for him to make it back by Sunday.

This appears to mean that Seattle’s opening corner will again have rookies Tariq Woolen and Michael Jackson, with Sidney Jones IV set to go as well – the same trio who played in the outside venues against Denver.

Whether Coleman will play appears to be more uncertain.

Coleman first showed limited injury reports on Thursday and then was ruled out on Friday, with Carroll saying, “He felt his calf tighten up a bit (Thursday) and thought he was fine, finished practice.” Want to, we put him out.

Carroll said Coleman “took some pictures” on Friday afternoon but they had not yet returned when Carroll spoke to the media, so he didn’t have an update.

If the images reveal anything significant, however, the Seahawks will have to explore other options in the nickel. One might be Jones, who played nickels with the Eagles quite early in his career, though he’s mostly been in the outside corner since moving to Seattle a year ago.

Seattle could also go with Bryant, who has been Coleman’s backup.

According to Pro Football Focus, Coleman started against Denver and played 51 of 66 defensive snaps, but four in nickels.

Bryant, Cincinnati’s fourth-round pick out, played only two snaps in the nickel, but didn’t play after being beaten in man coverage for Denver’s only touchdown—a 67-yard pass from Wilson to Jerry Judy in the second quarter.

Bryant said Friday that Wilson noticed the Seahawks were in man coverage when linebacker Cody Barton ran back in motion, noting that Bryant was on Judy, “so he took a shot.” Bryant said “Just going back to the film and learning that later is what’s going to make me better so I know when I watch it later, I can go to a play.”

“Don’t lose your leverage, that’s the big deal with that,” defensive coordinator Clint Hurt told this week of Judy Touchdown. “Formal, they caught us there and had a good play. I hate it for the kid, but I know he has the psychic ability to make a comeback like this, and we’ll be fine.”


– Left guard Damien Lewis has been cleared to play after missing a Denver game with an ankle/knee injury. But when Carroll was asked if that meant he would return to the starting lineup ahead of Phil Haynes, who played against the Broncos.

– Receiver Tyler Lockett handled what was Denver’s only punt of the game, making a proper catch in the second quarter, even though D’Escridge was listed as the starting punt returner. This was just the second punt return since 2019 for Lockett, who was the team’s regular returnee from 2015-19. Carroll indicated that Lockett would continue to return Punt. “He’s a great catcher and a great decision-maker,” Carroll said. “…he will make great choices and decisions and if he gets his job back it will be difficult to cover those guys. We’ll see what happens when we get game time.”

– The 49ers enlisted tight end George Kittel, who missed the opener against the Bears, with a suspected groin injury. Kittle had nine receptions for 181 yards and two touchdowns when the 49ers and Seahawks last played, a 30–23 win for Seattle at Lumen Field last December. Carroll said the Seahawks are preparing as Kittle will play. “We respect the heck out of him, and he’s a difference maker if he’s playing,” Carroll said.

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