She-Hulk’s Mr. Immortal Cameo Joins Marvel’s Greatest Avengers Team

She-Hulk: Lawyer at Law doing well Legacy of the She-Hulk Comics By coming up with as many obscure superheroic legal situations as you can.

And in this week’s episode it created not one but two Marvel Cinematic Universes first, one that’s likely to become a big deal in the show’s growing stakes, and one that… maybe definitely not.

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for She-Hulk episode 6.]

Mr. Immortal, She-Hulk: An old man wearing a suit and a cravat in a law office on Attorney at Law.

Image: Marvel Studios

In episode 6, “Just Jane,” Jane attends a strange Thursday wedding, while her paralegal Nikki and ally Mallory Book return to the office to handle the episode’s subplot: a “divorce” case involving that famous Featuring the founder Avenger, Mr. Immortal.

Whenever he is killed, Mr. Amar has the superpower to return from death almost instantly. Unfortunately, he has used that power to cheat his way out of seven marriages so far, by pretending to be his own death and missing the moment he got bored with it. Through an online forum called Intelligencia, seven of her former spouses have discovered her deception and are suing her for damages, and she needs GLK&H’s help. The character choice excited comic readers, such as she hulkmake reference to,

Who is Mr Amar?

Who these jewel thieves have come face to face is never revealed, as they shoot Mr. Amar in the chest, temporarily kill him, and run away.
Image: Dan Slott, Paul Pelletier / Marvel Comics

Oh, you’ve never heard of Mr. Amar? Well, he founded *cough cough* The Avengers. Sorry, I’ll say it more clearly. He founded the *Mutter Mutter* Avengers.

Well, he founded the Great Lakes Avengers. Avengers of the Midwest.

“Put She-Hulk on the Map” by John in the pages of Bayern west coast avengersThe Powers In Mr. Amar’s Comics Are Essentially The Same As They Are she hulk, It’s not that he can’t die, but that he dies all the time and always comes back in a minute or two, which is horrifying. His real name is Craig Hollis, and he discovered his disability after he died – you know what? It’s a depressing story, let’s just leave it at that. Along with a few more Midwestern superheroes, he formed his local superhero team, the Great Lakes Avengers.

Here’s another fun fact about Mr. Immortal: He’s on a short list of Marvel characters running to be the last survivor on our universe’s deathbed, and someone who could potentially become the next universe’s Galactus. clean!

But Mr. Amar’s case was a chance She-Hulk: Lawyer at Law To give a hint of what could potentially be the final climax of the series: Intelligenia.

In She-Hulk: Lawyer at Law, Intelligencia appears to be a Reddit-style forum, with both public and private subforums. In the subforum, Mallory and Nikki discover one dedicated to She-Hulk hate, full of violent threats and other obscenities.

What is Intelligence?

LTR: Egghead, The Red Ghost, The Mad Thinker, The Leader, and The Wizard, material stolen from the Library of Alexandria, from Eternal's headquarters in the fall of Hulks Alpha #1 (2009).

Image: Jeff Parker, Paul Pelletier / Marvel Comics

Hulk fans will be quick to mention Intelligenia, an alliance of some of Marvel Comics’ biggest evil minds. the biggest controversy: The Hulk and all its gamma-irradiated counterparts. and it seems she hulk It is, if not to establish the people behind the website as big bads, at least to use the word “intelligence” to echo an existential threat to Jennifer Walters.

As seen in the last moments of she hulkof the sixth episode, appears to be associated with some technocratic organization Intelligencia, as well as construction crew Who tried to jump back to Jane in episode 3. They are secretly watching Jane, and they want her blood for supposedly nefarious purposes.

With only three more episodes to go—and a daredevil appearance To weave in – we can expect the action to kick in at She-Hulk, and it looks like intelligence is going to be a big part of that.

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