Subban and the Islanders Not a Match, Bad Blood

Over the past week, NHL teams have been offering professional tryouts, otherwise known as PTOs. The New York Islanders haven’t provided any free agents yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen before training camp begins on September 21.

New York Islanders Might want to sign a defenseman for a PTO, given that there is still an opening on a third defenseman pairing with Scott Mayfield. The three potential candidates for that job are Robin Salo, Sebastian Aho, and Dennis Cholovsky.

Adding an experienced defense personnel, even just in training camp, will increase the competition, which is always a positive.

A free agent defenseman that some fans want the New York Islanders to carry a flyer, is PK in SubeA 33-year-old defenseman whose game is going in the wrong direction on either side of the puck.

There are a few reasons to avoid a 13-year veteran.

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The first reason is that Subban does not play on the left, which is what the New York Islanders need. Yes, they could sign him for a PTO and camp him for the competition mentioned above, but there’s bad blood from an incident last season between Subban and the Islanders.

On April 3, the New York Islanders were in New Jersey to face the Devils at The Rock. At the start of the second period, the New York Islanders went 2–0 up, blank Schneider returns to NHL crease, Islanders forward Oliver Wahlstrom hit hard on the devil’s star Jack Hughesforced him to leave the game.

Wahlstrom took the lead from a knee, but as Hughes tried to avoid a hit, he put himself in a more dangerous position. Hughes will leave the sport with an MCL sprain and injury that will end his 2021-22 campaign.

Oliver Wahlstrom did not get a penalty on the play and PK Subban was not happy with it. So moments later, the veteran defender jumped defenseless Wahlström, dropped the gloves, and threw some big punches, even once Wahlström was lying on the ice.

Here is the complete sequence:

PK Subban was given five minutes for the fight, one inflicting fine and one sports misconduct.

One could argue that Wahlström’s hit was dangerous, and one could say that Subban stood up for his partner. Fighting is legal in the NHL, but Subban didn’t let it be a fair fight and paid the price.

After the game, New York Islanders head coach Barry Trotz had some stern words for what Subban did.

“I didn’t even see it, but people were telling me to Subban that Wehlstrom jumped,” Trotz said. “If you’re gonna do it (vengeance), just, you know, keep an eye on it and go at it, and that’s where the anger was.”

“He (Subban) was lucky that he might have been dropped from the game.”

The New York Islanders team has some tough guys, like Matt Martin, Ross Johnston and others who will line up to get a piece of Subban that night.

While Subban was at the helm of Wahlstrom, fans saw Barry Trotz smiling at Ross Johnston. Had Subban not been taken out of the competition, he would have been in big, big trouble.

This bad blood between Subban and Wahlström began in the last contest, on January 13, when Wahlström hit Jimmy Vesey hard. Subban had a few words for Wahlstrom from the Devil’s Bench, and all Wahlstrom did was show off his tongue and mouth that sounded “ouke.”

If the islanders offer PTO to Subban, it won’t be the first time that players will have to work out their differences. There’s a certain respect level when you’re battling snow, especially when both sides drop the glove and go at it.

Matt Martin fought Zdeno Chara several times before becoming teammates, but it was always a respectable fight, usually ending by tapping each other’s backs before traveling to the penalty box.

But what Subban did in New Jersey that night after Hughes’ hit crossed a line that probably ruined any chance the islanders had joined, if they had any interest, to begin with. .

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