The Morning After: Google’s Cheap $30 Chromecast With Google TV

Google has unveiled another streaming dongle. Chromecast (HD) with Google TV The device manages to offer a lot of features at a much cheaper $30 price than the $50 4K model. Unlike the old $35 Chromecast, it comes with a remote control that eliminates the need for a smartphone, though you can still control it with your phone. There is one drawback – that low 1080p resolution – but it does have HDR support. It also comes with six months of Peacock Premium, free of cost.

The lack of a remote controller was a disappointment for many looking for a plug-and-stream stick, and at this price, it’s a pretty attractive streaming solution if you haven’t already picked up a Chromecast, Roku, or anything else.

– Matt Smith

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Big improvements, all from the inside.



Yes, they still have stems. Yes, there is still active noise cancellation. Yes, they may be worth upgrading from the original AirPods Pro. Apple has included the conveniences of the 2019 model, along with adaptive transparency, personalized spatial audio, and a new tactile gesture in tow. There’s room to further refine the familiar formula, so read on for the full review.

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If you like vinyl and streaming music, Stream Carbon may be for you.



A lot of connected smart speakers don’t work with turntables, which can complicate things during the constant resurgence of vinyl. Victrola, which has made record players for more than 100 years, is mostly known for entry-level turntables with built-in speakers, but it has now revealed the Stream Carbon, a $799 turntable that connects directly to the Sonos system. Which means you’ll be able to stream your records to your entire home. Victrola says this is the first of the more employed devices in the Stream lineup.

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TikTok says that interest has only increased after the FDA’s warning.

You’ve probably heard something about “NyQuil Chicken”, a supposedly viral TikTok “challenge” that is about cooking chicken in a cold medicine marinade. Not only is it disgusting, as the FDA recently reminded the public, it’s as toxic as it looks. The agency’s strange timely warning could have the opposite effect, making the meme more popular than ever. TikTok confirmed that on September 14, the day before the FDA notice, there were only five searches for “NyQuil Chicken” in the app. But by September 21, that number had skyrocketed “over 1,400 times”, according to Buzzfeed News,

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It focuses on the unwanted DM.

An early screengrab tweeted by researcher Alessandro Paluzzi indicates that Instagram is working on “nudity protection” technology, which “covers photos that may contain nudity in chats,” allowing users to view them or not. Gives viewing option. Instagram parent meta confirmed ledge that it is in development. Meta said it aims to help protect people from nude images or other unwanted messages. As a further security, the company said that it cannot view the images itself nor share them with third parties.

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Several users’ accounts were affected by “false strikes” last year because of Meta’s policies.

META has released the findings of an external report that examined how its content moderation policies affected Israelis and Palestinians amid escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip last May. The report said that Facebook’s approach “had an adverse human rights impact on the rights of Palestinian users to freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, political participation and non-discrimination, and therefore adversely affected the ability of Palestinians to share information”. The insights about their experiences as they happened.”

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