The Twins have used 60 players, 37 pitchers and made 12 rookie debuts, all team records.

Cleveland – if not sandy leone the access, Ronnie Henriquez The first pitch as an official major leaguer would have gone to the backstop. But it makes sense – he’s new.

Like many of his peers.

Henriquez becomes 60th player to field for Twins this seasonThe 37th person to pitch for him and the 12th player to make his league debut in 2022 – all are franchise records for a season.

and late rocco baldelli Joking that “I’m a social person – I don’t mind being around all these people,” the Twins’ manager also admitted the constant turnover and constant injuries this season have made it difficult to navigate.

“We’ve got a lot of injuries and uncertainties at various points in our season. Is that another challenge? Of course it is,” Baldelli said. “But that doesn’t mean it’s something you can’t overcome, or [you can’t] Find ways to win with different combinations of players. That’s our job. It’s literally our job, whether it’s the same race of name and skill set, or if you have to do it differently every day, to find ways to be successful.”

It is later this year. Baldelli has used 138 lineups and 13 starting pitchers in 147 games. Of the nine hitters in his opening day lineup, six are currently on the injured list, along with 13 other teammates. So the use of 60 players was inevitable and inevitable, he said.

“It’s been tough. It’s tough when you don’t have your own players that you know you need to rely on a lot,” Baldelli said. “I would also say that you can’t play an entire Major League Baseball season looking for guys who aren’t currently. You have to focus on winning. I mean, whatever’s going on, we’re still competing. We’re not where we wanted to be at the moment, but we’ve done what you’d consider nothing close to the lineup you’d expect.”

Even their “healthy” players aren’t really there, Baldelli said, though that’s not unusual for September. But with so many absentees, he said he realizes the players’ reluctance to add himself to the list.

“Whether you can play or can’t play it becomes a question very often. It becomes a mindset,” Baldelli said. “The guys who are playing regularly on the field right now are very beaten up, there will probably be points earlier in the season where they won’t be playing. If it was in mid-June, we would have to take them off their feet because They won’t last.”

Korea remains relatively healthy

A player who has been mostly healthy this season is shortstop Carlos Correa, who has been out of 24 games this year, most of them in May after fouling a ball with his hand. Part of the reason for his relative health, Correa said, is his efforts to avoid unnecessary situations that could injure him.

That’s why he hasn’t attempted to steal a base since 2019 – “it’s very easy to injure your hands when you’re sliding into a base,” Correa said – and that’s when the ball hit easily So he didn’t try to score and took him to home plate last Tuesday against the Royals. Last to the Royals catcher, Korea just ran out of baseline salvador perezAnd straight into the dugout, conceding an out with no play.

“I was out a mile. Making a confrontation with Salvi could only end badly for me,” Correa explained. “He’s a big boy, and there was nothing I could do.”

Such risk-reward calculations are the result of injuries earlier in his career, Correa said.

“Younger I must have tried to find a way to get there, try to find a way to avoid the tag or loose the ball,” Correa said. “Old me? Live to fight another day. I can’t help the team from the injured list.”

Baldelli said he understands the calculation, and believes it only works in such extreme situations.

“If he has a chance to be safe, he will try to be safe. On that particular game, [Royals center fielder Drew Waters] Made one hell of a throw,” said the manager. “I don’t see any upside to a totally unnecessary bump to the shortstop. But something tells me that if he had a chance to be safe, he would have done something different.”


  • a deterrent Trevor Magill remained on the COVID-19 list on Monday as he awaits approval from Major League Baseball to return. Baldelli said the righthander has tested negative for the virus twice.
  • a deterrent Drew StrowmanThe exemption was claimed by Texas, designated for assignment last week.

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