The ultimate guideline for organizing a gender reveal celebration

The ultimate guideline for organizing a gender reveal celebration
The ultimate guideline for organizing a gender reveal celebration

Gender reveal parties have grown in popularity recently as more and more Kenyans embrace this long-standing custom.

While some couples choose to keep things low-key and wait until the big reveal on the big day, others like to find out the sex early on, plan gender reveal parties, and do their shopping in advance.

If you fall in the latter category, here is how to organise the perfect gender reveal party:

1. Arrange for a prenatal ultrasound

First things first: schedule a sonogram between weeks 19 and 20 of pregnancy. Doctors advise you to use this time to get the right reading and gender.

If you are certain of the gender, the entire planning process will be easier and more enjoyable. If you want a surprise, be sure to bring the party planner to the sonogram appointment.

2. Pick a time

How far along do you want the celebration to be? One month until your big day? Weeks? Hours? You have to work within a deadline when planning a party.

You can send out invitations early enough to give your friends and family time to arrange for and attend your party by securing a date in advance.

3. Have a focus

The fun part, the theme, starts here. Most people want to keep things straightforward, using the traditional colors of pink for girls and blue for boys, but if it’s a surprise, the invited guests and theme color should be completely different to confuse everyone.

Along with color, pay attention to the kind of party you desire. Do you prefer cocktails or a straightforward tea party?

4. Select a location

The ideal location is crucial because it will affect how much money you will need for the food and drinks.

An outside celebration would be more enjoyable and memorable for you and your guests, unless the expectant mother is on bed rest.

5. Select your activities and the disclosure strategy

Since it is an event, you will also need to provide entertainment for your visitors. Along with meals, games will be helpful to keep your guests engaged while they wait for the big reveal.

Additionally, it’s crucial to decide how you’ll do the big reveal. Your party is more likely to be successful the bigger the reveal.

6. Bring in a team to cover the occasion

Not least, any successful event needs to be documented. We’re talking about a master of ceremonies to guide the proceedings, a photographer, a cameraman, and a deejay to play music throughout the celebration.

How would people know the incident occurred if there is no record of it?

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