‘The Voice’ Recap: Season 22 Premiere Blind Auditions / Camila Cabello

during the season 22 premiere Sound On Monday night, all eyes were on rookie coach Camila Cabello, who Made a great and spirited addition to the side of the red swivel chairs. but all Ear The blind were among the first batch of contestants to audition. At least two girl pairs stood out in the name of Tom’s future heir, one couple showing even greater promise. Read on, and we’ll discuss the ones that Camilla, John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani particularly liked — oh, and me too — then you can hit up your favorite comments.

Morgan Miles (Team Camilla), “Hallelujah” – Grade: A | Countified Leonard Cohen cover of this 35-year-old Nashvillian started the season with a four-chair turn (And Camilla blocked Gwen). For the longest time, I kept thinking, “Okay, that’s cool, but it’s really not going anywhere.” And then Morgan took it somewhere — big time — with a memorable growl and a glorified note that lifted all the way up to heaven.

Omar Jose Cardona (Team Legend), “Different Ways” – Grade: B | No doubt about it: this 33-year-old who dreams of merging pop and old school rock has had pipes for days. But throughout his performance, I wanted him not to lean for the fence, because as good as he is, he didn’t have the oomph of Steve Perry. Camilla suggested that he let go of the “Freddie Mercury vibes”. I agree that he was good, not great.

Ian Harrison (Team Gwen), “The Night We Met” – Grade: C+ | After linking his song selection to his father’s suicide when he was just 9 years old, Ian, now 20, gave a soulful and understated rendition of Lord Huron that sounded like a confession. For a while it seemed that maybe very Reduced – no wow. But eventually, he earned three chair turns with the memorable character of his voice.

Emma Brooke (Team Legend), “California Dreaming” – Grade: A | Calm and intense, this classically trained 19-year-old got the hell out of me the moment she opened her mouth. She sang her Mama and Papa Golden Oldie with precision, power, emotion… and jeez, that last note lasting longer than a commercial break. Glad she chose John as her coach, as her initial guidance to loosen up seemed right.

the-voice-recap-season-22-premier-camila-cabello-blind-auditionOrlando Mendez (Team Camilla), “Beer Never Broke My Heart” – Grade: B | This 26-year-old Floridian, AKA “Cuban Cowboy,” may be attracted to horse hooves. And his captivating rendition of Luke Combs wasn’t only fun, it shows he has some chops, too. I’m not quite sure he can hold Rein Those chops were on, but the coach; He went into the sunset with a four-chair turn.

David Andrew (Team Legend), “Falling” – Grade: C | A background vocalist for Ed Sheeran and Kane Brown (among others), David didn’t really dazzle until he opened his big notes wide. they and Were cute for nth. Everywhere, though, the two-chair twist seemed kinda… lead. His eventual coach thought the performance was “soulful and dramatic”. I thought it straddled the line between “oo” and “eh”.

the-voice-recap-season-22-premier-camila-cabello-blind-auditionJay Allen (Team Gwen), “‘Til You Can’t” – Grade: B | After telling us about losing her beloved mom to Alzheimer’s, this 36-year-old (who totally looks like a movie action hero, doesn’t it?) delivered a thoroughly nuanced, emotional rendition of Cody Johnson. As soon as he opened his mouth, it looked like he was destined for Team Blake. Instead, the cross between Chris Doughty and Blake chose his missive. Hmm.

Kate Kalvach (Team TBD), “Rainbow” – Grade: B- | This daughter of two priests, encouraged by her husband to sing outside the church, trembled in my ear. But once he found his footing, he heard a voice as sweet and delicate as a ray of the sun. There’s still a little bit of vibrancy—for my taste, anyway—but there’s clearly something in the three-chair twist. (And that’s enough to inspire Blake to keep muting Camilla).

How do you think Cabello fared on Night 1? Which performance shocked your socks as well as your shoes? And what did you do with the premiere overall? Vote in the polls below, then hit the comments.

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