Three reasons to be more cautious when dating

Three reasons to be more cautious when dating
Three reasons to be more cautious when dating

Even though it may be a trendy word right now, we don’t often link mindfulness to dating and relationships, despite the fact that we should.

Being present is how we frequently define mindfulness, usually in an unprejudiced and unhurried way.

Dating and relationships may be exhausting if we don’t approach them mindfully, especially when there is frequently emotional energy involved.

Here are three ways that mindfulness can benefit both our dating and relationship lives:

1. Less expectations result from mindfulness
We generate opinions about our dates before we ever meet them, and we set our expectations in line with those opinions.

When we imagine our future together, we fabricate a story that isn’t true, and we strive to live up to those made-up standards. We construct barriers to safeguard ourselves in the future when we reflect on our previous relationships and believe that our most recent date will be more of the same.

Lowering our expectations through mindfulness enables us to perceive our partner or potential mate for that matter not as we would like them to be but rather as they actually are. In the process, it enables us to love ourselves.

2. Our goals are in line
Being conscious makes it easier for you to communicate your intentions. Then, your connections benefit greatly from your clear communication. You are aware of who you are, what you are, what you need, what you desire, and what matters most to you when you have clear intentions.

This indicates that you are more inclined to openly express not only your ideals but also your desires, needs, and self-worth. It also indicates that you are prepared to express your feelings in a way that could leave you open to suffering, but in the long run, your openness and vulnerability will only benefit you.

3. Being in the moment enables us to fully enjoy it.
Living in the moment and practicing mindfulness encourages us to appreciate each moment for what it is. When we practice mindfulness in dating or relationships, we openly accept the partner we are experiencing something with while also allowing the relationship to develop naturally.

Because we can’t fully enjoy the moment when we’re not present, we do both ourselves and our partners a disservice when we spend distracted, absent time with them. Instead of putting effort and time into trying to persuade yourself or someone else that you are the one for them, focus on the quality time you spend with your spouse.

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