Thuli P is heartbroken by Bokgabo Poo’s passing (4)

Thuli P is heartbroken by Bokgabo Poo's passing (4)
Thuli P is heartbroken by Bokgabo Poo’s passing (4)

The news of Bokgabo Poo, the 4-year-old who was raped and killed, breaks Thulisile Phongolo’s heart.

People have expressed their suffering over the situation as a result of the young girl’s story going viral on social media.

“It is absolutely tragic what happened to the sweet little girl, Bokgabo Poo! Why was that terrible monster initially let loose? I’m so angry! My deepest sympathies go out to the family. May GOD give them all the courage and assistance they require,” wrote the DJ.

She continued by discussing the necessity of kid security.

“I believe there should be some type of security guarding parks and other locations where children are likely to be present and vulnerable, whether by the police or by members of the community, to ensure their safety and stop suspicious people from having access to commit such crimes,” the author said.

Many South Africans were outraged to learn that the sexual predator had been taken to court and supposedly granted bail.

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