Ti West’s X prequel brings the heightened horror

Mia Goth in T West's Pearl, a prequel to X.

Ti West’s . in mia goth Pearla prequel to x,
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with PearlWriter-director Ty West both embraces and elevates horror films, in a way that further cements his status as one of the best things to happen to the genre.

A prequel to West’s Terrible x,in his second filmxcu, “with a third, MaXXXineOn th eway-Pearl In a performance worthy of movie star status, Mia tells the bloody and tragic origin story of its sexually charged, identity-hungry title character, played by Goth. By mining Pearl’s history, a violent (and sometimes deliberate) grindhouse-y) A cautionary tale about the dangers of suppressing his desires, both erotic and otherwise, West taps into thematically rich nerves in a way that few of his contemporaries have ever explored in this space. Working with a script co-written by Goth, West manages Pearl’s traumatized backstory effortlessly like a scalpel while his star cuts his way through the film’s 102-minute run time, slingshot. Pearl Character-first storytelling ranks as one of horror’s most satisfying and disturbing marriages, as well as making it one of the best films of any genre.

Pearl trades in xThe gritty, late ’70s vulgar visual aesthetic for a Technicolor palette unveils the origins of the very old, very murderous Pearl of the Goths in the West x, Her violent fall begins at the end of World War I, in 1918, when Pearl’s attempts to escape from an island life on a Texas farm lead to Tinseltown, eager to hunt down dreamers like her. Pearl uses films to escape not only from her day-to-day life, but from her fractured self. In doing so, she gets imprisoned in a nightmare of her own making.

Pearl’s passion for movies blurs the boundary between an aspiration she wished were real and a reality she is unable to accept. Her husband wage war abroad while she is trapped at home with an emotionally abusive German mother (Tandy Wright) and a creepy, wheelchair-bound father (Matthew Sunderland). Pearl becomes a star with disastrous results: although her fantasies are filled with brilliant colors, she uses a black-and-white mindset to achieve them, leaving zero room for nuance or error. Pearl’s inability to adapt to the harsh consequences of unrealistic expectations leads her down a fatal path, especially as she becomes aware of her weak hold on reality.

Goth is convincing enough with Pearl’s portrayal as a doe-eyed farm girl, but she and the film are most compelling when her character struggles to see and experience the real world as everyone else does. In a pivotal scene depicting a dance audition, Goth’s reaction is heartbreaking. The way West lets such character moments breathe helps bring viewers into the moment with Pearl, who has a hard time understanding how painful the world can be for those who don’t know its How to cope Even though we know how Pearl’s story ends, we share her fear and unease at the events that shape her murderous ending.

It’s a delicate and difficult episode that West follows here, trying to evoke sympathy for a hero who is destined to become a ruthless villain. Once he gets past the first act’s somewhat disturbing visual callback xWest accuses her of delving deeper into Pearl’s fragile mental health, as well as proceeding based on the static narrative filtered through her infatuation with The Projectionist (David Corenswet).

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mostly PearlGreatness rests on the talented shoulders of the Goths. She is fully committed to every frame of Pearl’s film-like fantasy world, which makes her performance more haunting and haunting as that fantasy unravels. The broken pieces of film in his head prove fatal to those in his rapid up-and-down motion. But there’s no one in the audience who can’t relate to a dream unfulfilled, and to Pearl making the inevitable spiral of West End goth ground Pearl with emotional honesty. Dementia set pieces will satisfy fans of the genre, but they also resonate more deeply because of Pearl’s underlying inspirations.

focus on character-driven terror is one of Pearlof many attractions. What set this film apart from its predecessor was West’s use of surreal imagery and production design, as well as the slow-burn tension and set pieces that were created x The so-lovable-film avoids camp by portraying the title character’s emotional struggles in outlandish, physically violent ways.

violence in the world Pearl As inevitable and irreversible as gravity is, West suggests. but unlike xThe dusty, gloomy atmosphere over the carnage, all underlined by the fascination of the West with the tragic endings that come from building hopes of the future on the most shaky present realities. If only more horror movies had the guts to dream so big emotionally imputed result.

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