Toggle two features to cool down your Pixel 6 and improve battery life

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro owners were facing a problem recently because their devices were running so hot and the battery was draining so fast that some ran out of fuel by the middle of the day. Google’s September update is believed to have fixed the problem, But not for those on Verizon Those who did not receive the update sent by the end of last week. Those files have not yet been received from the personal experience of this author.

Here’s an easy way to improve your Pixel 6 series phone’s battery life and reduce heat

If you haven’t yet received the September update for your Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, or if the update hasn’t stopped your battery from draining, a Redditor with the handle Human_Individual_815 came up with a suggestion that initially was ridiculed a lot. Users of Pixel 6 series removed it. But after word came back from others that this quick and simple solution was improving battery life on the phone while still cooling the handset, he put the post back upAnd judging by the reactions, it will have to remain.

So if you want to improve the battery life of your Pixel 6 series phones and take the temperature down a notch, toggle off Digital Wellbeing and Usage access to device health services. To do this, go to Settings and, using the search bar at the top of the display, search for Usage access. Tap on Use Access and you will see a list of apps. Tap on Device health services and toggle off “Allow access”. Do the same with Digital Wellbeing listings. Reboot and restart.

Doing so will remove some features. The Redditor who devised the plan said that closing the above two apps doubled their battery life. He also noted that “it will affect the adaptive battery and charging. It will affect the adaptive connection. It will affect any of your sleep time stuff. It will affect Fitbits or fitness watches and all that sort of stuff.” And I’m sure there’s a lot more. It’s really unfortunate that we have to turn these features off to be able to use our phones.”
The results have been impressive. A Reddit member named Cloudacoustic93 writes, “Holy Moly did this thing. It’s only been a few hours but there’s already a noticeable difference.” Another member, Rk3h, reported that the Accubattery app showed an immediate improvement in battery life after restart and charge. Others were giving positive results. “Tried it and it’s working for me, the battery lasts longer,” said a Pixel 6 series user. “Exactly, thanks,” said another.

Unless you’re married to some of the features you’ll disable, there’s no reason not to try it on your Pixel 6

We can continue to give you more results from those who have tried this. One of the better responders was from a user named novelomaly, who wrote, “Thanks!!! It worked for me and I’m back to normal times where my phone wouldn’t be dead if I left it on. Forget to plug in at night!”

Another post throws in some data we can chew on: “Update: Currently at 40% with 5h 23m SOT! Looks like it’s working fine! It will already be at 10%. Most important The thing is my phone hasn’t heated up at all, so that’s a huge plus. Thanks for the tip! I hope it stays like this until then Google Heals on their end.”

So what’s really yours? Well, personally I am a power user and there could be some improvement in battery life. I will say that for sure, my Pixel 6 Pro is not running as hot as it was before Digital Wellbeing and access to the device health services was turned off. Frankly, I’m waiting to see if the September update makes a big difference, and as of now, my phone hasn’t received the update yet.

If you have a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro and you can fry an egg on the device and you can’t get the battery at lunchtime, why not try it? It’s not something you can’t reverse quickly and the features it affects don’t matter at all to you. Let us know if you notice an improvement in the battery life of your Pixel 6 series phones by commenting in the box below!

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