Training Camps Open Around the NHL After Another Short Season

Training camps opened around the NHL on Thursday after another short period that was squeezed by a third consecutive pandemic. It doesn’t bother Colorado Avalanche star Nathan McKinnon one bit.

For one of hockey’s best players and his teammates, it’s already time to get back on the ice and defend their Stanley Cup title, less than three months after they defeated back-to-back champions Tampa Bay Lightning. Defeated.

“I still feel like I was just playing,” McKinnon said. “I took two weeks off, and then I started skating again. It’s just fun. I enjoy it, and I love the short summer. It feels like the season is kind of rolling again. “

The NHL finally returns to a normal schedule after falling from an entertaining playoff and finals. This means a full camp for teams that have benefited from a new coach and a regular routine.

That means only 88 days between Game 6 of the finals and the first-on ice practice session.

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