Ukraine war latest: Russia ‘intensifies attacks on civilian targets after setback’

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Britain’s Defense Ministry has said that Russia has increased its attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine and is likely to further increase its target range.

Russian attacks in the Donetsk region killed five civilians in the past, while several dozen high-rise and private buildings, gas pipelines and power lines were damaged by Russian attacks in Nikopol, the governors of those regions said on Sunday.

In an intelligence update, the MoD said that Russia had launched several thousand long-range missiles against Ukraine since the start of the invasion. “However, over the past seven days, Russia has increased its target of civilian infrastructure, where it may not have any immediate effect,” the ministry said.

“As the front lines face setbacks, Russia has likely expanded the places it is prepared to strike in an attempt to directly undermine the morale of the Ukrainian people and government.”

It comes after Vladimir Putin warned on Friday that Ukraine risks provoking “more serious” action from Moscow with its sweeping retaliatory strike, claiming that “we have so far responded with restraint”. “.

He vowed to go ahead with his “special military operation” during his address to reporters after attending a meeting of Asian world leaders, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, in Uzbekistan.


UK army chief says Vladimir Putin ‘failed in all his military objectives’

Britain’s army chief of defense says Vladimir Putin has “failed in all his military strategic objectives”.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin said the pressure on the Russian president was mounting as the country’s defense was weakening and international support for Ukraine was growing.

He told the BBC: “Initially, we said it was a strategic error by President Putin and that strategic errors lead to strategic consequences. And in this instance, it is a strategic failure.

“Putin is failing in all his military strategic objectives, he wanted to subjugate Ukraine, that is not going to happen.

“He wanted to take control of the capital, we saw that he was defeated earlier. We saw that he wanted to weaken NATO. NATO is very strong now, and Finland and Sweden are joining us.

“He wants to break the international resolve. Well, actually he got stronger in this period, and he is under pressure, his problems are increasing.”


Russia ‘increased attacks on civilian targets’ after military setback, Britain says

Despite the setbacks faced by Vladimir Putin’s military, according to British intelligence, Russia has increased its attacks on civilian targets.

Russia has increased its long-range missile strikes over the past week, following reports that Ukraine did not have enough resources or morale to continue against retaliatory strikes, a defense ministry statement said on Sunday.

An electricity grid and a river dam were attacked in Krivi Rih, causing widespread flooding in the central city.

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EU calls for war crimes tribunal on mass graves in Izium, Ukraine

The European Union has called for a war crimes tribunal after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said evidence of torture was found in bodies exhumed in Izium, eastern Ukraine.

The city was again seized by Ukrainian forces, after a mass burial site of about 450 graves was found, some displaying evidence of torture.

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavaski said on Saturday that Russia’s attacks are “unimaginable and despicable against the civilian population.”

“We must not ignore this. We all stand for the punishment of war criminals,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I call for the early establishment of a special international tribunal that will prosecute the crime of aggression.”


Two dead as Russian tank attacks civilian car

Two people have been killed after a Russian tank targeted a civilian car in Kharkiv Oblast, according to Ukrainian media.

The city’s governor, Oleh Sinyehubov, said two women were killed when a tank fired on a car in the village of Strilechka, bordering Russia.


‘We may never find them’: Desperate Ukrainians forced to trawl through the dead in search of lost loved ones

Ukrainian all day women search through pictures of corpses Desperate hunting posted by Russian soldiers showing their killings their missing loved ones,

In raw images of frozen gray faces, bloodied torso and scraps of remains, they look for any recognizable flicker: a scar or a ring.

“Twenty hours I go through these Telegram channels looking for him,” said Maria, her face filled with sorrow.

“We are a community of women looking for their loved ones. We all have to sift through pictures of the dead. We have to see if they are there.”

Bell True of The Independent writes.


In an intelligence update, Britain’s Defense Ministry said today that Russia has launched several thousand long-range missiles against Ukraine since the start of the offensive, but these have increased in the past week.

“In the last seven days, Russia has increased its target of civilian infrastructure, where it may not have any immediate effect,” the ministry said in a tweet.

It said the strikes targeted multiple targets, including a power grid and a dam.

The ministry said, “As the failures on the front lines continue, Russia, in an attempt to directly undermine the morale of the people and government of Ukraine, has expanded the places it prepares to strike.” Is.”


Russia ‘may not have enough reserves’ to withstand further Ukraine attack

According to defense experts, it is not clear whether Russian frontier forces have “enough reserves or enough morale” to face another concerted attack in the eastern parts of Ukraine.

British defense intelligence analysts believe that Moscow established a defensive line between the Oskil River and the city of Svatov after a successful counterattack from the Ukrainians, forcing the Kremlin to accept swaths of territory. .

The region is considered important partly because it forms part of the Donbass, along the border with the Luhansk region, which Russia has sought to “liberate” as one of its major war objectives.


Zelensky: Crimea will return to Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with Reuters that Ukraine would be able to live in peace only if it took back all its territories, including Crimea.

But he said Ukraine does not exclude diplomacy in its goal of taking back Crimea.

“There is no way out. We have to remove the occupation of the territory. It may happen that Crimea will come back by diplomatic means,” said Mr. Zelensky.



Russia has increased target location for attacks – British intelligence

Britain’s Defense Ministry said in its daily intelligence update on Sunday that Russia has raised the possibility of expanding the space in an effort to undermine the morale of Ukraine’s military, which is facing setbacks.

“Over the past seven days, Russia has increased its targeting of civilian infrastructure, even where it probably considers no immediate military impact,” it added.

This range of missions includes attacks against the power grid and a dam on the Inhulets River in Krivi Rih.


Russia damages Iranian kamikaze drone – report

The Iranian Shaheed-136 drone presented by Russia has dealt a serious blow to the Ukrainian army wall street journal Reported citing Ukrainian commanders.

Colonel Rodion Kulagin, the artillery commander of Ukraine’s 92nd Mechanized Brigade, said the Iranian drones, which have been repainted in Russian colors and rebranded as Geranium 2, can be used to protect Ukrainian armor and artillery in the northeastern Kharkiv region. killing situation.

The drone struck and destroyed two 152 mm self-propelled howitzers, two 122 mm self-propelled howitzers and two BTR armored infantry vehicles within the operational area of ​​his brigade, he said.

Military experts who examined photographs of the wreckage in Kharkiv told the outlet that it appeared to be the work of the Shaheed-136 drone.

It is the latest version of Iran’s delta-wing design.

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