WATCH: Rookie Faceoff vs COL – Live Stream and Game Thread

WHO: Los Angeles Kings (0-0-0) vs. Colorado Avalanche (0-0-0)
what: 2022 Rookie Faceoff – Game 1
when: Friday, September 16 – 2 pm
Where: TechCU Arena – San Jose, CA
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*Note – Live stream expected at 2 p.m. – Stream is Los Angeles and Colorado television markets only, may be blacked out in other markets

kings 2, avalanche 3

third term
20:00 – Back at it for third, the Kings and AVS are all square!
18:00 – Jacob Ingham arrives with another fancy glove to close a chance at the door. Big savings to start the period.
14:56 – The Kings earn their third power play of today’s game, as Brayden Schmidt of Colorado leaves for Holding.
14:29 – Trying to get back on defense, Brandt Clark is called in to intervene. 4-on-4 play.
13:48 – Back-to-back point-blank saves for Ingham at the start of 4-on-4. He used his big frame to track the puck throughout the occasion.
8:56 – LAK shifts deep into the COL zone, resulting in multiple chances for Lee-Helenius-Jamsen. Annunen was strong around the crease to keep it an even game.
8:48 – Olsson calls for a slashing after the byfield stick is out of his hands. Kings earn PP late.
7:51 – Coming back to their zone, the Kings are called for a penalty and once again it will be a 4-on-4 game. Taylor Ward skated for an intervention while he was fighting for the puck.
6:35 – Ben Meyers of Colorado called for hooking. The Kings will have a brief PP after a 4-on-4 finish.
3:53 – Meyers scores a re-direct in the front of the net, past Ingham’s puck to give Colorado a 3-2 lead.
1:52 – The Kings pull Ingham in favor of an extra attacker, attempting to tie the game in the final moments.
0:00 – LAK had a bunch of late opportunities with empty nets after calling timeout with one minute. One of the best was the feed from Ward to Byfield, which fanned out on a one-timer. The clock ran out on the Kings, who fell 3-2. Total shots on goal totals were also up for play, with each club placing 33 chances at the net. Kings had a 13-10 shot advantage in the third period.

second period
20:00 – TechCU gets into the second period, with the Kings Rookies trailing by a goal.
19:30 – The first penalty of the afternoon goes to Jamsen, who was called to catch.
17:15 – The kings are killed! Brilliant work by Ingham, who was officially credited with 4 savings during profit.
15:35 – Avalanche goes back into the power play after Stefan takes a man down the back of the net. The LAK has, for the most part, been stuck in its own territory during the early medieval period.
13:30 – Nice PK shift by Madden, Helenius and others leads to LA’s second straight successful penalty kill. The Kings have yet to score a goal in this period, but they can feel good about how they defended under a man.
11:32 – And now the Kings get a power play of their own! Colorado’s Michael Diotte left for the slashing.
9:44 – LAK goal, Ward. It didn’t take long for a stacked PP unit to click with Bayfield, Clark, Madden and Ward. He won a faceoff and went to work, eventually tying the game. Ward’s shot comes off a feed from Clark, who gets his second assist in the game.
8:54 – The Kings go back to the power play as Gabe Klaasen of Colorado is called for an intervention near the LA Nets.
5:26 – Some good field time for LAK, but their second man-advantage isn’t as successful as the first. Shots are now also at 7-7 in this period.
1:03 – Another penalty kill completed for the Kings, highlighted by further saves from Jacob Ingham. The third year pro’s second period has been excellent and she looks confident.
0:00 – The Kings use three penalty kills in this period to keep Colorado off the board and level the game at 2-2 for 40 minutes. The shots are 23-20 on the side of the avalanche at the end of the second.

first period
20:00 – Moving on in San Jose!
18:02 – First big defense of the day goes to Jacob Ingham! He blocked the right-wing Colorado’s chance to keep the game without a score in the opening round.
15:34 – Landon Kosier scores the first shot for LAK. The play was set up by Taylor Ward, who delayed the offensive end for a few seconds before receiving the puck in the circle for the spot.
14:05 – The best look of the opening round for the Kings came when Byfield took the puck over the net from the left wing. He tried a deck on goaltender Justus Anunen, but could not finish. Opportunity after, LAK took a few more glances at the net which was closed by Annunen.
10:55 – The Kings’ fourth line makes a great change in the offensive zone, returning the AVS to their own end. Shot on goal near the midpoint of the period reads LAK 8, SJ 4.
8:55 – LAK goal, Pinelli. Superbly focused feed off Brandt Clarke who was redirected to the bottom right corner of the net. The credit for the second assist in the play goes to Kim Nausianen.
5:31 , Avalanche Target, Olusen. Turns on the Kings’ aggressive Blue Line resulted in a lengthy turnaround in their own field and they never recovered even after getting some saves from Ingham.
4:56 – Avalanche goal, Ranta. Colorado doubles, scoring for the second time within a minute with a shot from the top of the left circle that finds its way under Ingham.
0:00 – Despite getting off to a good start, the Kings found themselves trailing after the opening period due to a pair of allowed goals that came 23 seconds from each other. A late burst from AVS led Colorado 13-10 on goal after 20 minutes.

Kings Lineup –

Jamsen – Bayfield – Madden
Lee – Helenius – Vardo
Rosmi – Pinelli – Kempo
Alari – Fiddler-Schultz – Stephan

Ascendant – Clark
Booth – Cosariyo


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