WATCH: Rookie Faceoff vs VGK – Live Stream and Game Thread

WHO: Los Angeles Kings (0-1-0) vs. Vegas Golden Knights (1-0-0)
what: 2022 Rookie Faceoff – Game 2
when: Saturday, September 17 – 2 pm
Where: TechCU Arena – San Jose, CA
HOW TO FOLLOW: Video: Live stream below – Twitter: @ShafReign, @LAKings

*Note – Live stream expected at 2 p.m. – Stream is only Los Angeles and Vegas television markets, may be blacked out in other markets

Kings 5, Vegas 4

Round 1: VGK, Jordan Gustafsson – No goal. LAK, Akeel Thomas – Goals
Round 2: VGK, Brendan Bryson – No goal. LAK, Brandt Clark – goals

5:00 – Kings start overtime with a 4-3 power play and enough time to work.
0:00 – Lots of chances for the LAK with the extra man, with the full length of overtime played at the end of Vegas. Pinelli hit the post in the last second, but no one could press the dagger and the game was headed for a shootout.

third term
20:00 – Action is underway in the third. LAK will try to put some pressure on Vegas and get back in the game.
12:41 – LAK goal, Chromiac. The Kings earned themselves extended field time at VGK’s end and Chromiak pounced on a loose puck, allowing him to overtake goaltender Jesper Wikman. Brandt Clark received his third assist of the week, while Aatu Jamsen received his primary assist.
10:56 – The Kings draw a penalty on Matyas Sapovalev and earn their third PP of the game.
9:58 – LAK goal, Chromiac. A game level of 2 goals in less than three minutes is 4-4 for the young Slovakian native! Aid in the strike went to Clark and Akeel Thomas.
9:10 – Riley Fiedler-Schultz for tripping and Justin Nachbauer for elbowing send the Kings shorthand for the first time today in 2 minutes 5-on-3. LAK chose to use his timeout to prepare for the penalty kill.
6:50 , The Kings do an excellent job of being shorthand as well as limiting Vegas’s chances. Highlighted shots by Inamoto and Clark were blocked, while Helenius and Spence also spent time. But Inamoto was called in to intervene and VGK went back to the power play.
4:40 , Another top penalty kill for the Kings has returned them to even-strength with five minutes left in regulation and a 4-4 draw.
3:28 , The Kings called for a number of men on a pass that was sent near the bench area while the defenders were changing. Vegas goes back to PP in an attempt to break the tie.
0:21 , 4 straight late penalty kills have kept the Kings in the game. Excellent team effort in the third period.
0:00 , As time was running out, Vegas forward Carter Souch took down Brandt Clark and was called for a match penalty for an illegal check to the head. Kings have the power play for the full 5 minutes of overtime.

second period
20:00 – The Kings begin the second period on the power play for 1:56, looking to create some late chances they had at the end of the first.
15:55 – Golden Knights goal, Mason Primo. A seam pass found Primo open for a quick shot in the slot that beat Harek by five-hole. Vegas extended the lead to 2-0.
13:07 – LAK goal, Rosmi. Bennett was joined on the King’s board by a strike by Rosmi, which was left open in the low slot. The only assist in the play was credited to defender Landon Kosier.
9:20 – Good save by Har on a rush hour from left circle, who hit his shoulder and then looked off the post and out of play.
7:33 – LAK goal, Ward. Left with plenty of room in the corner, Ward centers the puck for Brett Kemp and it is caught on a Vegas stick and into the net. Linemates Pinelli and Kemp assist on a record-tying goal that tied us 2-2!
5:00 – Akil Thomas hits a shot from the right circle of the post, attempting to put the Kings in front.
1:42 – Golden Knights goal, Landon Ahawks. The Blueliner found an open point on the left and pulled a shot up the top of each’s glove to gain the lead for Vegas.
0:24 – Golden Knights goal, Connor Corcoran. A shot that changed direction in front of everyone on the screen, fluttered into the back of the net and put Vegas 4-2 on top.
0:00 – Tough end of the period for the Kings, who played well and had 14-7 shots to the goal edge in the frame, but allowed three long more marks by a pair going into third.

first period
20:00 – Game 2 of the Rookie Faceoff is underway!
16:58 – Good gloves saved by everyone on the spot for a good rush for Vegas. The Golden Knights scored the first few shots on goal from the very beginning.
14:34 – Taylor Ward stood out yesterday and has started again today. His first two innings have given many chances and he is physical too, throwing his body into the offensive zone.
12:00 – Golden Knights goal, Lyndon McCallum. An early save by Herneck found a loose puck in the side of the net and sent it home to lead Vegas 1–0.
7:43 – Vegas defender Lleyton Ahawks scores a faceoff win for the Golden Knights and takes it over the net before being intercepted by everyone.
7:39 – Kings forward Justin Nachbauer drops gloves with Mason Primo, resulting in the first penalty of the game for both sides. After spending time with AHL Charlotte and ECHL Greenville last year, Nachbauer will play his second pro season on an AHL contract with AHL Ontario.
6:12 – Conor Corcoran takes a Vegas penalty for interference and the Kings have their first PP of the day.
4:52 – The LAK unit of Thomas, Ward, Chromiak, Spence and Clark did a great job at the man-benefit, giving fans a good look at the team’s future offensive talent. However, he could not score.
0:51 – Nice 2-on-1 look for Chromiak and Rossmy. Chromiak elected to shoot and Rossmy was not able to stop a loose rebound.
0:04 – In the last seconds of the period, Corcoran asks to cut the stick from Hellenius’ hands. The Kings will start the second period with their second power play opportunity.
0:00 – Vegas takes a 1-0 lead at first time. A beautiful even period saw a total of 12 shots on goal for each side.

Kings Lineup –

Jamsen – Thomas – Chromiyaki
Kemp – Pinelli – Ward
Rosmi – Helenius – Lawrence
Nachbauer – Fiddler-Schultz – Alari

Booth – Spence
Supreka – Clark
Inamoto – Coscioro


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