Weight loss sunglasses: What are they and how do they work?

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Whether it’s kale, fitness fads, or creative new ways to reduce weight, there are always a variety of food and beverage trends happening throughout the world.

We’ve never heard of “weight loss sunglasses,” one of the most strange trends, which originated in Japan.

Everyone has heard the joke about the person who is overweight being on a “see food” diet.

Well, a Japanese company by the name of Yumetai appears to have given the issue some serious thought as they have developed dieter’s sunglasses with dark blue lenses that, well, make the food you’re eating look horrible.

The lenses of these sunglasses are blue for a very good reason, according to science: blue serves to relax the brain’s centre for appetite.

In essence, these “weight loss sunglasses” are said to aid in weight loss by colouring food blue.

Wearing these spectacles would discourage people from eating food that was blue-tinted, which would reduce the number of calories ingested because blue was shown to be the least appetising food colour.

Even if this is a crazy idea, the Japanese inventiveness is unquestionably admirable. Other than blueberries, there aren’t many naturally occurring blue foods in existence.

These glasses might be helpful for some individuals who are uneasy because blue food when it isn’t in cake form, tends to seem a little bit mouldy.

To be honest, if weight loss is the aim, we’re better off attempting to eat healthily without the help of sunglasses or any other strange product, but it does sound a lot less strenuous than fad diets like cabbage soup and juice cleanses.

However, if you want to give this strange fad a shot, you may get a set of blue sunglasses from any humour shop or online retailer. What do you have to lose, after all? Well, perhaps your hunger.

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