Where is Jeffrey Dahmer’s younger brother David now?

Netflix’s latest True Crime limited series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storysheds light on the life and crimes of American serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and his family.

Explaining his relationship with his family, including his father, Lionel, his mother, Joyce, his stepmother, shariand his grandparentschain breaks Jeffrey’s Life and childhood to try to show your progress from troubled kid to infamous murderer.

However, few people know that Jeffrey Dahmer actually had a younger brother. The series does not reveal much about his younger brother, David, who was born about seven years later. JeffreyBut he is mentioned in a few episodes, leaving viewers to wonder what happened to the younger Dahmer.

Well, after his brother’s crimes were exposed, David in the nineties fell off the face of the planet. Today, he lives a very secret life.

Ahead, find out what happened to David Demar, where he is today, and what his relationship is like with his family.

Who is David Dahmer?

David Demar is the younger brother of an American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, He is more than six years younger than Jeffrey, and Demers actually named Jeffrey his younger brother, David, when he was born, per to distract,

How was the Damer family?

When David was born, Dahmer’s relationship was already rocky.

Lionel, Jeffrey and David’s father, was not much at home because of work, and Joyce was suffering from mental illness, according to cinemaholic, And there was some tension between the siblings as Jeffrey felt that David got more attention from his parents. really, Jeffrey David quickly began to “get annoyed” according to Sun,

In 1978, Joyce and Lionel split, and their break-up also led to Jeffrey and David. Joyce took her young son, who was then 12 years old, to live with her in Wisconsin when he took custody, per Hit, Jeffrey was 18, and lived in his family’s home for a few months before killing his first victim, Pero. cinemaholic,

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David had by that time graduated from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. Jeffrey Was arrested in 1991. He decided to “cut off all ties” to his brother, understood, and did not show up for his brother’s trial or trial, per cinemaholic,

What happened to David Demar?

David Demar has had a career—and at least two children—at least until June 2004, which was the last public update about him. Lionel and David’s stepmother, Shari, moves in larry king live and gave little information when asked about her younger stepson, according to to distract,

Lionel also mentioned that David changed his name—and this was the last time the family spoke publicly about David. cinemaholic,

And David, who now has a new name, remained silent.

What is David Demar’s new name?

There are no public records stating what David Demar’s new name is, but it is clear that he wanted to spend his life away from the public eye, per cheat Sheet,

How old is David Demar now?

David was born on December 18, 1966—so he is 55 years old today. But it is unknown whether he is alive, Peru. netflix life,

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