Will Eagles coach Nick Siriani be more aggressive in fourth place this year?

Did the Broncos drive you crazy trying to score a 64-yard field goal against the Seahawks instead of going fourth and fifth?

Don’t worry.

Nick Siriani is not wired like that.

Siriani has shown that he will be aggressive in fourth place and probably not as aggressive as Doug Pedersen was in a Super Bowl season, but Siriani — even with a strong-legged Pro Bowl kicker like Jake Elliott — There is a strong belief in making a mistake. Favor aggression when it comes to fourth-bottom decision making.

And he said Saturday that now in Year 2 as a head coach he has a better feel of when to go for it and when to play it safe.

“I thought we were too aggressive last season too,” he said. “I study a lot with it. I think if you go out there and try to make decisions based on the charts (during the game) I think you are making a mistake.

“If you’re like, ‘Okay, I haven’t ordered these third downs yet and I’m going to call it quits?’ You have to think about these things in advance.

“Where I’m more comfortable, I have more reps with it. And not only our sports reps, but those I spend Fridays in the meeting room saying, ‘Okay, it’s 4’th-Down-and-4 In this scenario, what are we doing?’ Boom. ‘What are we calling? Boom.’ Okay.

“Go down to the next fourth. ‘Okay, what are we doing? What are we calling?’

“That’s the only way I know how to prepare, before you put yourself into that call before you make it.”

The Eagles turned two fourth downs out of three in their opening day win over Lions Sunday, and the only teams to have more of it in Week 1 were the Cowboys, Jets, Chargers and Cards, and all were down except for the Chargers. . At least 15 points for most of the second half.

For Siriani, going fourth is not a step of desperation, it is a step of faith.

He believes it’s important that his players know they trust him, and what better way to do that than to leave the offense in fourth place on the field?

“I just think that’s what Siriani preaches and coaches here and he practices it and I think that’s why he does it,” Jordan Malata said after practice on Saturday.

“He trusts us because we’ve built those relationships. We understand. We hold each other at a high football IQ, to a high standard of accountability, so when we get stuck in those situations and scenarios, So he is able to trust us because of the standard set by us.”

In Detroit, the first fourth-down attempt was a display of confidence in the defense, which allowed a 50-yard run to set up the opening touchdown. The Eagles went for it on their next drive in fourth and 5th on the Lions’ 40-yard line, but didn’t convert, and the defense held Detroit to a 3-and-out.

The Eagles converted both of their fourth-down attempts after halftime, and both were Jalen Harts sneaks—the first on goal to 1 for a touchdown in the second quarter and the second on the fourth and -1 to seal the win.

If that play fails, the Lions have 66 seconds left, a small field and all the speed in the world.

During Pedersen’s five years here, the Eagles went to fourth place 135 times – 22 times more than any other team.

Last year, the Eagles were 11 for 24 in third place in the middle of the pack. But three attempts on Sunday – especially at the end of the game – could be an early sign that Siriani will be more aggressive this year than last.

“I am comfortable because for the past year we have been putting ourselves in those calls,” he said on Saturday. “Not only in games, but in as many leagues as there are to practice every week… what will be the call and then what is going to be the decision.”

An underestimated aspect of what a team does in fourth place is what it does in third. If you’ve already decided you’re in the four-down area, but the defense doesn’t know it, it actually gives the coach some flexibility on third downs.

“It’s a big advantage that there’s a crime – we know what mode we’re in, they don’t know what mode we’re in, and a lot of different things can be alive,” he said.

“That’s what you’re always trying to do as an offensive coach. Trying to make myself many so they have to defend different things. ,

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