YouTube reviewer Videogamedunky also wants to sell the game

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The biggest critic in gaming is coming to publication. Jason “VideogameDunkie” Gastro; announced in latest youtube videos that he and his wife, Leah Gastro, will run a new indie label called Bigmode, dedicated to discovering and promoting the best games that aren’t even made yet. “I’m sick of sitting on the sidelines waiting for great games to be released,” the YouTuber said. “Now I want to get out there and help make it happen.”

gastro is far and away Most Influential YouTuber When it comes to game reviews, the mix of running gags and unsolicited opinions with great videos consistently garners millions of views. Now he says he wants to savor his years and make it stand out in the current “sea of ​​mediocrity” to help new indie projects. As examples of what he’s looking for, he cites some of the best-selling and critically acclaimed indie games in recent years such as enter hum, celesteAnd hadis,

So will Gastro actually light up your game? The YouTuber doesn’t go into many specifics, but claims Bigmode’s contracts will be the most developer-friendly and won’t limit creative freedom. “I’m not looking for creative control over your game, but I want to be involved,” he said. The announcement video ends with a call for developers and studios to visit Bigmode’s website and share their projects and portfolios.

It is not uncommon for big gaming personalities to collaborate on individual games or even those created as part of the overall promotion of their brand. Comedy gaming channel Game Grumps previously released . stepped into development with the release of dating sim dream daddy in 2017, But launching an entire publishing business is no side-hustle, and the space is already full of other established players as the indie gaming scene has exploded over the past decade.

Typically, publishers help fund the development of a game and pay for its distribution, marketing, and other logistical needs, in exchange for deducting any income it generates. This often doesn’t happen until those initial costs are paid for in game sales. Original developers seem to see any benefitWhich can take days, weeks or years depending on how successful the game is.

One thing Gastrow is promising is that the financial incentives around his new business venture won’t skew or dilute the opinions on his gaming channel. Reviewers on YouTube have long promoted themselves as fearless and uncompromised voices who aren’t beholden to anyone but their audience. The subtext is that the opinions they share are authentic, while everyone else is a shill. That’s certainly one of the messages in Gastrow’s announcement video.

“For gamers that actually play and care about video games, my channel is where they come to find out what’s actually worth playing, and I want all of the real deal gamers out there to know that I would never risk the legitimacy of my channel to push some junk-ass video games I don’t believe in,” he said. Of course, figuring out which game will be the next Cuphead and which will be just another trash imposter during the early phases of development is very different from pointing out that the latest blockbuster sequel broken and boring,

Gastro says his videos will be mostly funny and light-hearted, while also being serious and heavy-handed when necessary, and BigMod will be a “harmonious” continuation of that ethos. We’ll see what that ambition holds when the label’s first game is released.

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