YouTube showing up to 10 non-skippable ads on a video

The YouTube viewing experience has been infiltrated by ads for years as a means of maintaining the platform and supporting creators financially. Now, however, it looks like YouTube is pushing the limits with ads, showing no more than 10 skippable ads during a single break.

Updates: in a statement to 9to5googleYouTube has provided more context about this increase in ads. see below for more,

Ad breaks on YouTube videos usually appear before the video starts as well as during that video if the creator allows it. Generally, these pauses can last for a few seconds or as long as a few minutes, but longer ads usually come with an option to skip that ad after a set period.

Over the past month or two, some YouTube viewers have noticed that the length and volume of ads on the platform are expanding greatly, especially in untested formats.

Different Formula on reddit Explain how often ad breaks in longer videos are happening every few minutes. That’s exactly what happened, if not worse, a rise in reports of users seeing far more non-skippable ads during YouTube ad breaks. thread on reddit, With all more recent tweetsDisplay ad breaks with at least 10 ads in a row that cannot be skipped.

This doesn’t seem to be happening to all videos or all viewers, but lately these long breaks seem to be more and more common. More often users are seeing about five ads per break than seeing 10 ads.

Good News? these are not ads Excellent long. From what we’ve been able to see from user reports, these ads are roughly five or six seconds long, which means even an ad break with 10 non-skippable ads would be around 60 seconds.

YouTube has not acknowledged any purposeful increases in ads on the platform, but the “TeamYouTube” Twitter account responded to To one user’s complaint, stating that these are considered “bumper ads”, a format that appears at the beginning of the video and some of these very brief ads.

Update 9/16: A YouTube spokesperson has confirmed 9to5google That these extended “ad pods” that showed a wide number of ads were part of a “small experiment” that “ended up”.

At YouTube, we’re focused on helping brands connect with audiences around the world, and we’re always testing new ways to display ads that enhance the audience experience. When viewers watched longer videos on a connected TV, we conducted a small experiment on a global scale, showing multiple ads in a single ad pod. The goal is to create a better experience for the audience by reducing ad breaks. We have concluded this small experiment.

The company further explained that ad pods were originally introduced in 2018, albeit in small numbers, in an effort to show the required number of ads without interrupting long videos. YouTube reiterates that user experience remains a top priority, and reducing ad breaks is a part of that goal.

Still, it represents a significant increase in the number of ads viewers see during ad breaks, and it’s clearly not fun for anyone. Have you been seeing more ads on YouTube lately? has it pushed you pay for premium Or limit your use of the platform altogether? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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