Zodwa Wabantu and her Ben 10 celebrate 2 years anniversary

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Zodwa Wabantu celebrates 2nd year anniversary with her boyfriend, Ricardo Olefile.

The two have experienced both the good and bad over the past years, but they appear to be stronger.

Some months ago, they were rumored to have broken up, but the entertainer returned to social media to dismiss the rumors with scintillating content with her Ben 10.

Zodwa might have finally find The One, as she’s been with two different Ben 10s before Ricardo and it ended ugly, however, a journey with her current lover is undoubtedly filled with much happiness.

Taking to Instagram, Wabantu shared a lovely photo of herself with Ricardo and captioned with, “Merry Christmas from us to you. 2 years, we lock the house & go Clubbing. Public,Fame shouldn’t be Hard.”

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